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NYVC is an innovative multi-stage and multi-platform venture capital firm acquiring minority interests in visionary startups with well-thought-out plans and strategies. Based primarily in the New York metropolitan area and Florida, we invest in startups with a US or global focus.

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Accredited Investors are welcome to apply to join the NYVC AngelList Syndicate LP Network:
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NYVC’s AngelList SPVs may only be viewable by NYVC’s AngelList Syndicate LP Network. Accredited Investors who join (a.k.a. “back”) an AngelList syndicate’s LP Network are under no obligation to make any investments but are rather applying to be granted access to the syndicate’s deal-flow and are signaling to the syndicate Lead, in this case NYVC, that, as Accredited Investors, they might be interested in considering making an investment in one or more future Deal-By-Deal SPVs sponsored by the syndicate Lead.

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Unlike most early-stage VCs, NYVC invests in ideas, not in people.

People form teams, and teams can be enhanced on the fly by sharing and shuffling skills and responsibilities. It is easier to find great people to help our portfolio startups than it is to find great startup ideas. A solid startup idea presented by an intelligent founder forms a more substantial foundation for success than a founder with a half-baked “me too” idea, even, and perhaps more so, when such founder comes with an impressive background. Many colossal venture capital failures stemmed from the mistaken premise that an accomplished founding team can make up for flaws in their startup’s business plan. In short, even the best jockey can’t win a race with a lame horse, but a promising racehorse will often “Win, Place, or Show” even with an average jockey.

Our approach is far from whimsical. In fact, we would encourage all early-stage investors to review an insightful research paper, Should Investors Bet on the Jockey or the Horse? Evidence from the Evolution of Firms from Early Business Plans to Public Companies, by Steven N. Kaplan, Berk A. Sensoy, and Per Strömberg, published in 2009 in the AFA Journal of Finance, which finds that “investors in start‐ups should place more weight on the business (“the horse”) than on the management team (“the jockey”)”.
NYVC - Looking Forward

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value.”

Jamie Notter

NYVC Emergence

Emergence occurs when an ecosystem demonstrates properties or behaviors beyond the capabilities of individual parts of such ecosystem, properties or behaviors that only emerge as a result of interactions within the ecosystem.

NYVC invests in innovative startups demonstrating an ability to foresee, identify, and utilize the capabilities of Emergent Behaviors stemming from the development, utility, and implementation of new technologies.

NYVC’s maiden fund seeks to investment in opportunities across a range of sectors primed for technology-based innovative solutions, primarily including the following sectors:

  • AI/ML and Deep-Tech Platforms
  • Crowdfunding and Secondary-Market Platform Technologies
  • Entertainment-On-Demand Platforms
  • FinTech and Multi-Ledger Technologies
  • Fractional Investment Platforms
  • Gaming Technologies
  • Global Commerce Platforms
  • Healthcare and Telemedicine Technologies
  • Infrastructure and Energy Technologies
  • Integrated Communication Technologies
  • Market Aggregation Platforms
  • Multimodal Transport Technologies
  • Niche Biotech
  • PropTech
  • RealTech
  • Remote Collaboration and Future-of-Work Platforms
  • Retail and Dining Delivery Technologies
  • SpaceTech

NYVC participates in the following investment stages:

  • Idea / Pre-Seed (BPMF)
  • Angel / Seed (PMF)
  • VC Series A/B Follow-On Rounds
VenTree Venture Builder

NYVC has a proprietary pipeline of early-stage startups founded by VenTree, a Venture Builder operated by NYVC affiliates, which forms and develops startups tailored to NYVC’s mandate of maximizing net-to-LP IRR. The following are some of VenTree’s seed-stage or pre-seed startups.


Nothing Ventured
Nothing Gained


NYVC currently operates primarily out of New York and Miami.

General inquiries:

We are currently not accepting unsolicited pitches.
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sending us any information.

Phone: +1 (212) 457-4950
Email: info@nyvc.com

Miami Seed Startup Accelerator

Phone: +1 (305) 482-1520
Email: info@miamiseed.com

NYVC is proud to sponsor the Frum Founders Foundation (www.frumfounders.org), a non-profit social-impact ESO (entrepreneurial support organization) whose mission is to help under-served and under-represented young men and women from the marginalized Jewish Yeshivah (“Ultra-Orthodox”) community transition professionally into the high-tech startup economy, become self-sufficient, and achieve economic mobility and financial security.

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NYVC Management LLC (CRD # 325272 / SEC # 802-127450) is currently a 1940 ICA §3(c)(1) Qualifying VC Fund exempt from SEC and IARD registration and reporting.
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