As a young firm, our team is rapidly growing. If you have experience in launching and running successful startups, or with investing in such startups, and would like to join us – we would love to hear from you! Please email TeamUp at for more information.



Avraham Shisgal
Founder and
Managing Member

Avraham Shisgal, the founder and Managing Member of NYVC, is also the founder of VenTree and of many of VenTree’s startups. Mr. Shisgal developed NYVC’s multi-stage and multi-platform structure as a means of bringing the venture capital ecosystem into the world of distributed-ledger-based crowdfunding, for the benefit of institutional and individual investors and of startup founders.

Michael Dvorin
Venture Partner

Michael Dvorin has extensive experience with startup funding, venture capital investments, M&As, SPACs, IPOs, and other investment banking transactions. As a prominent attorney with high-profile clients in the upper echelons of the Israeli government and high-tech industry, Mr. Dvorin has worked with hundreds of startups and investors, in Israel and abroad, and acts as legal counsel to fast-growing technology companies in the private and public sector. He provides his clients with professional advisory services beyond the scope of conventional Investment Banking, and helps them expand across industries and borders.

Diana Stern
Venture Partner

Diana Stern, an NYVC Venture Partner and a VenTree director, is VP of Marketing at National Retail Solutions (NRS), a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), headquartered in Newark, NJ, with offices worldwide. NRS is a rapidly growing leading-edge FinTech startup with a focus on providing equitable access to advanced payment technologies and solutions.

Jordan Salvit
Venture Partner

Jordan Salvit is a Venture Partner of NYVC and a VenTree director. He is a Columbia University (NYC) Computer Science graduate with a focus on AI/ML, Multi-Agent Simulations, and Robotics. As co-founder of the leading subscription service KitNipBox (acquired by Caitec in 2021), Jordan has hands-on experience and the skill sets required to launch, run, and grow startups.

Zev Mo Green
Venture Partner

Zev Mo Green, an NYVC Venture Partner and a VenTree director, is a FinTech Manager in charge of developing innovative Payment Tech solutions at IDT Corp (NYSE: IDT) and a technology advisor at IDT’s startup accelerator in Newark, New Jersey. Zev is a YU Computer Science graduate and is a co-founder of “The Roadmap”, a podcast covering startups, VCs, CEOs, and technology and consumer trends.

Gabi Barat
Venture Partner

Gabi Barat, an NYVC Venture Partner and a VenTree director, has been a CFO for over twenty years. Gabi ran telemedicine companies servicing clinics, hospitals, and government entities. He served on an NIH grant in nuclear medicine and managed research and production of diagnostic PET radioisotopes. Mr. Barat has a BS in Corporate Business Management and an MBA in International Finance.

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